Heinz A. Oertli Prize for innovative ophthalmic surgery

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The prize recognizes outstanding contributions in the field of ophthalmic surgery including mechanisms of surgical interventions, clinical studies analyzing surgical procedures and consequences of ophthalmic surgery for anatomy and physiology of the eye.
Eligible are contributions of Swiss authors anywhere in the world and studies conducted by foreign scientists at an institution in Switzerland.
The prize is endowed with CHF 25'000 and can be awarded to a single person or a research team. In exceptional cases, it can be split between two or more awardees. The prize money is to be used for further research in the field of ophthalmic surgery.
The prize is awarded by the board of trustees of the Alfred Vogt-Foundation. The same contribution can only be submitted once. The decision of the board of Trustees is final and there is no right of appeal.
Submissions must be written in English and include the following pdf-documents:

  • Curriculum vitae including the list of publications of the applicant
  • Executive summary of the scientific work to be considered (limit of 2 pages)
  • Additional scientific publications relevant for the application
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